28 august 2015

World Water Week in Stockholm: Veolia is campaigning for shared prosperity

From August 23 to 28, 3000 people and 270 organizations from 140 countries met in Stockholm on the theme of "Water for Development" in preparation for the UN’s adoption of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in September.

On all continents Veolia contributes to resourcing the world: improving access to resources - especially water – protecting and renewing them in order to set up a virtuous cycle of resource management, optimization and recovery.
The global gold standard in water management, Veolia actively participates in the World Water Week in Stockholm.

On August 24, Patrick Rousseau, CEO of Veolia India, intervened about economical and social impacts of water access. In particular, he presented the example of the city of Nagpur in India, where Veolia works with Vishwaraj Infrastructure Ltd. to supply drinking water. This collaboration was designated "national best practice through public-private partnerships" by the Indian Ministry of Urban Development for its contribution to inclusive economic growth and improving the daily lives of 3 million people, including 800 000 disadvantaged neighborhoods inhabitants. 
Stockholm Image 1
Laurent Auguste, Senior Executive Vice President, Innovation and Markets, Veolia, also intervened on August 24 and revealed the results of a study conducted with IFPRI, the International Food Policy Research Institute. This study indicates that by 2050 one in three people in the world will be exposed to the risk of water pollution due to increased amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus and that 45% of the world economy could suffer of water shortages...
Videos of the event
Patrick Rousseau, CEO and Manging Director, Veolia India interview on "Access to water for all" Intervention on "Let's Not Focus on Water" Discussion on "New study predicts murky future for global water quality"